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Students at Eindhoven University of Technology are joining forces with the State of Eindhoven team in a seminar on how data relate to urban reality. At the seminar – entitled “The State of Eindhoven: Smartness, Society, Stories” – seven students, led by assistant professor Sukanya Krishnamurthy, will search for answers to two questions: what do local residents need, and can smart-city initiatives and technologies help to provide solutions? Using ethnographic research methods such as interviews and mapping, participants will collect stories and develop visualisations that will serve as input for the State of Eindhoven's DataStudio programme. Their work will constitute a first step in uncovering the stories behind the points on the map.

In the seminar, master’s students from the Urbanism and Urban Architecture course will learn to identify how the smart city can address social problems. They will also examine how the virtual and analog worlds connect: how do they link up now, and how could their relationship be improved?

The seminar started on 21 April and will run through 23 June. The area of study consists of the neighbourhoods Woenselse Heide and De Tempel. During the research process, the students will report on their findings in videos and blogs. The results will be posted on this site.

The State of Eindhoven
Linda Vlassenrood

This project is part of the programme track Partner projects and the folder Research.

The multiyear cultural programme The State of Eindhoven)looks at the changing relationship between government and citizens and, specifically, Eindhoven’s twofold ambition of being a “smart city” in a participatory society.