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E52: How do you detect loneliness in a neighbourhood? And do you really want to?


On October 27, 2016 during the Dutch Design Week DATAdeserts took place, a design session on hidden items on the digital map. Renske Mehra of e52 was present and wrote this report of the meeting.

DATAstudio Junior: MapLab


What does the neighbourhood look like through children's eyes? The designer Anab Jain  (Superflux) will work with kids from a primary school in Eindhoven from 3 November to answer that question.

E52: Data for Dummies in the retirement home


Newsblog e52 attended the lecture DATA for Dummies by technology philosopher Tsjalling Swierstra on 20 September, in which he gives an accessible explanation of digital data and their impact. Read the full report on their website.

Being smart the smart way

Introducing smart technology at the neighbourhood level is a bit like getting married. You have to think about it carefully beforehand, since you're entering into the relationship for the long haul. In this essay, Tsjalling Swierstra, professor of the philosophy of technology at Maastricht University, describes a few problems to keep in mind as we design new sociotechnological systems.

Analysis: Eindhoven’s data code sets a good example, but is it enough?

Eindhoven, like many cities, is hard at work developing its views on data use, partly because it aims to evolve into a “smart society”. In the following analysis, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer of Het Nieuwe Instituut examines Eindhoven’s data policy. In the process, he looks at the nature, history and development of the use of data.

E52: 'DATAstudio: the neighborhood stories behind neighborhood data'

The DATAstudio has started and the first step is to collect residents' stories. Eindhoven's news blog e52 wrote an article about it.

E52: 'Smart City is looking for Smart Citizens'

Eindhoven's news blog e52 reports in an article on Thingscon Salon # 4 on July 8 in Eindhoven, with amongst others a presentation of the DATAstudio.

Essay Evelien Tonkens


The combination of smart technology and participation may sound promising, but the reality is fraught with perils. In this essay Evelien Tonkens, Professor of Citizenship and Humanization of the Public Sector at the University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, and member of the State of Eindhoven advisory board, explains why.

Essay Anab Jain


In this new essay, designer, future-caster and member of The State of Eindhoven's Smart Council, Anab Jain of Superflux examines the conditions required to help Eindhoven develop an alternative, social version of a smart city, including participatory design methods.

Article: Data Deserts


The presumption is that citizens would be more active in improving their neighbourhoods if they had greater access to data about their neighbourhoods because it makes them think differently about their environment. 

Albert Jan Kruiter, member of the Sounding Board of The State of Eindhoven, public entrepreneur and founder of the Instituut voor Publieke Waarden, on 'data deserts'.

New cooperation TU Eindhoven


Students of the TU Eindhoven will be working jointly with the State of Eindhoven team until the end of July 2016 on a seminar about the relationship between data and the reality of the street.

Update: Additions to the Archive


Check the archive for more information about video reports and public responses.

The Smart City comes in Many Flavours


Each 'flavour' of the smart city is a response to a specific issue, and relates to its own kind of applied smartness.

Update: Mapping

In mapping Eindhoven, we intend to supply concrete answers to questions like these that can bolster discussion within the State of Eindhoven project as well as outside of it.

Update: Public forum

The first step was taken during Dutch Design Week 2015, a Smart Council of six from the Netherlands and abroad was installed.

The State of Eindhoven
Linda Vlassenrood

This project is part of the programme track Partner projects and the folder Research.

The multiyear cultural programme The State of Eindhoven)looks at the changing relationship between government and citizens and, specifically, Eindhoven’s twofold ambition of being a “smart city” in a participatory society.