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For the symposium Design & The City, Het Nieuwe Instituut organizes a round table on 20 April for invited experts to critically discuss knowledge, practice and strategies on how to engage less media savvy groups with the emergence of a smart society.

It is clear that the emergence of a smart society generally starts with initiatives from web savvy citizens who are highly educated, relatively wealthy in social capital and articulate in expressing their needs. It is much harder to engage citizens who are less outspoken and who are unfamiliar with new technologies or their possible impact. How to build upon their needs? How to avoid pushing technological solutions while simultaneously teaching people about the potentials and risks of technology? In short: how to find appropriate technologies for the implicit needs? In this round table a group of invited experts that are involved in different smart society projects will compare tactics to make the less articulate citizens part of a smart society.

Design & The City explores citizen-centered design approaches for the smart city. Central theme of the conference is the role of design(ers) to create opportunities and practices for citizens, (social) entrepreneurs and policy makers towards more liveable, sustainable and sociable urban futures. Design & The City is organised by the University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and the Knowledge Mile: an applied research ecosystem in the heart of Amsterdam. The event takes place in 2016: the year of the Dutch EU Presidency, during which a declaration on the European Urban Agenda will be defined.

Participation in the roundtable is by invitation only, see the Design & The City programme for public activitities of the symposium.


The State of Eindhoven
Linda Vlassenrood

This project is part of the programme track Partner projects and the folder Research.

The multiyear cultural programme The State of Eindhoven)looks at the changing relationship between government and citizens and, specifically, Eindhoven’s twofold ambition of being a “smart city” in a participatory society.